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There are many game options when you enter a casino, and finding one that will pay, is an even more difficult task than picking which game to play. Everyone has heard about the casino cheats and those who have been able to scam game attendants and machines out of thousands of dollars, but this is not advisable as like most of the cheats, you will get caught. There have been many books written about tips to win at gambling games, so you are better off trying to beat the house edge by strategy rather than getting involved in some illegal scam. There is a history of illegal operations in casinos, especially in the big gambling joints, like Las Vegas. Las Vegas has a well-documented history of illegal operations and scams.

The Black Book
This is one black book you do not want to end up in, as this black book means the authorities are after you. The state of Nevada is more than familiar with how to deal with unwelcome guests, in fact there has been legislature made to ensure they are dealt with correctly. The history of the black book goes back to the 1950’s when there was a real problem with Mafia men roaming around the casinos. This prompted the creation of the Nevada Gaming Commission, which has the final say in matters brought to their attention by the gaming Control Board. With the creation of these boards came the first black book. The casinos were also given a ‘privilege license’, which gave them the right to ban people from the casinos. In its beginnings in 1960 the black book contained 11 men, and in all 46 people have made Nevada’s black book.

Slot cheating has become a lot more sophisticated since the days of the coin on a string trick. People have now gone beyond simple procedures and have been caught using tricks such as an optic device that tricks the slot into overpaying, or a rigged computer chip in a slot. As the technology improves it is supposed to be getting harder for cheats, however, there are still occurrences of cheating especially from inside scams. These usually involve an employee and a ‘player’ who are working as a team, but casinos have wised up and have been much more thorough with security and video surveillance. Slots is not the only game to be ripped off, there are many professional gamblers who specialize in trying to rip of specific games and who go from casino to casino trying to take advantage of the system.

There are certain plays at roulette, which improve your chances against the house edge. There are books you can buy which go into detail of the specific plays that give you an advantage, so if you’re a big fan of the game, the books may be worth having a look at. You can learn the tricks including, the type of bets that give you better odds. The inside bets are, the straight bet, the split bet, the trio bet, the corner bet, the five number bet, and the six number bet. When playing an inside bet it is better to avoid the five number bet as the odds are more in favor of the house. The outside bets are easy to understand, they include odds or evens, red or black, high or low, the dozens bet and the columns bet.

If you learn the tricks of this game you are more than likely to improve your chances of winning, as it is claimed to be all about the strategy. Books written on this game will tell you when to stop playing, where to sit at the table and how to get the dealer on your side. There are a few tips for this game on how to improve your odds, but this depends on the rules the casino is following. It is recommended that you shop around for the best game rules before you play. Try to find a casino that plays with a singe deck, and use plays such as, natural pays 2 to 1, resplitting of aces, double after split, and late surrender. These plays will give you a better edge. Plays that give the house a better edge include, two, four, six and eight decks, Natural pays 1 to1, and dealer wins ties. If blackjack is you favorite game then it may be worth reading up on the techniques such as, how and when to press your bets, how to beat the dealer and locating winning tables.

The slots are the casinos main attractions and money winners, and this statistic alone should make you wary of their potential as money winning devices. However, should you choose to play slots there are a few things to keep in mind before you pull that handle. The house advantage for the slot machines is around nine per cent, which is very high, so your chances are slim. Keep in mind that you should always identify your machine. This means check out the progressive jackpots and look for the one with the best opportunities. Look for signs in the casino for the machines that claim to pay out big, if you are unsure where these slots are ask someone who works there. Always play the maximum amount of coins, so if it is a quarter machine play quarters. It is also recommended that you cash your credits as opposed to playing them, as the machines has an ‘in- built advantage’ which will disappear quickly if you keep playing the credits. Remember the longer you stay the less it will pay, so move on if you are getting no wins.

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