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Final Three Tables Set For Tuesday Showdown At WSOP Main Event

The 2011 World Series of Poker main event has now reached the stage where legends can be made. On Monday, players jockeyed for position, and by the end of play, only twenty-seven players remained in the hunt for the most coveted bracelet in sports.

Matt Giannetti will take the chip lead into the final three tables on Tuesday. Giannetti holds over sixteen million chips, with Khoa Nguyen sitting in the second position with a little more than fifteen million. Ryan Lenaghan held the chip lead for some of the day, but finished the evening in third.

Many of the players who have spent a majority of the tournament on top stayed there Monday. Aleksandr and Ben Lamb have been staples at the top of the chip count leaderboard, and they head to the final day of play until November in fifth and eighth respectively. Eoghan O’Dea slipped into the fourth position late in the day.

The remaining players represent a plethora of countries, showing that poker is truly a global sport. Five Americans are in the top ten in chip counts. Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Austria, and South Africa all have residents in the top thirteen. The diversity has never been more evident this late in the main event.

One of the more interesting scenes of the day played out between boyfriend and girlfriend Ericka Moutinho and David Sands. All players folded to Moutinho in the small blind, and instead of choosing to go heads-up with her boyfriend, she folded her cards and gave Sands the pot. Moutinho was attempting to become the second woman ever to reach a main event final table.

Staying alive most of the day, Moutinho finally ran out of luck and was knocked out in twenty-ninth place. At least she will be able to take home not only the prize money she won, but the bragging rights in her relationship. Moutinho was eliminated one spot higher than her boyfriend, Sands.

The final day of play until November will begin at noon today. Players will continue until the final table is reached. At that time, play will be suspended until November 5th-7th, when the final table will be played out, and one player will become an instant legend, while winning the first place money of over $8 million.

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