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After months of design and development, it is finally here. Gambling
Parade is proud to present the best Global Gaming Guide. We are
pleased to announce this new FREE service that will shortly become
the most important information source for the gaming public. It is the
most comprehensive and detailed source of information regarding
legal gaming activities worldwide. The listings in this directory are
absolutely FREE, as is the access to the information to all persons
who surf the web.

This information is intended for all consumers of gaming facilities and
services. Based upon our more than 15 years of first hand experience
in this field, we have selected those categories of information that are
of the most interest to our customers. This is the information that
gamblers (you) have told us they use in deciding just which
establishment to visit. The guide is presented in a fair and unbiased
manner, sticking strictly to facts. We invite you to preview our Global
Gaming Guide to see the quality manner in which gaming properties
are represented.

You have made us the best source of consumer gaming information
on the Internet. We trust this accurate source of data regarding online
casinos will become a source of new information for you.

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