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Quit when you are ahead
Predetermine a goal for winnings, pocket a sizable fraction once achieved, then play
with the remainder, more or less aggressively, depending on your nature and intuition.

Have the proper bankroll for your strategies:
Play only at tables you can afford. You should be able to cover at least twenty-five to thirty bets, so don’t sit at a $5 table with less than $125. This is your only protection against inevitable cold streaks.

Don’t try to impress people by betting more than you can afford.
Watch how your money is placed by dealers, they do make mistakes.

Don’t play slot machines side by side. Casino Management place a loose slot next to a tight slot, therefore, one giveth, and the other taketh away.

Video Poker – Look for full-pay machines, 9/6 for Jacks +, and 9/5 Deuces Wild for higher pay-outs. Learn how to read pay schedules, and correct strategies for each version.

3 best bets are pass line bet with odds, come bet with odds, and placing 6 or 8.

Less expensive version; bet either the bank hand or player hand-easy decision, easy rules and a good alternative to blackjack.

Sports Book
Be realistic. Don’t always bet for your home town team, use with your head not your heart. Analyze the statistics before betting.

Worst Bet – Keno – the casino advantage starts at 25% – one of the highest percentage holds in the casino. Any intelligent player should aim for those games and bets with a casino advantage of less than 3%.

Casino Customs
Be informed of the game rules before going in..
Starting off with the minimum bet is a better idea.
Chairs are only for players, unless it’s not too crowded.
Don’t lose track of your bets.
Always use the correct hand signals.
Be polite to other players.
Leave the camera at home.
Don’t cut between tables.

Corner bet is placed at the intersection of four numbers and pays 8 to 1.
0 and 00 slots will wipe out all outside bets, so be careful.
Don’t spread your bets all over the layout.
Walk away quickly when you win. It’s easy to lose it again.
Keep away from the five number bet.

Roulette cont:
Be aware of the different minimums across the layout.
Use only casino chips and not color coded chips.
Single zero wheels only.
Column bets and give you 2 to 1.
Inside bets with a $5 minimum could be spread across in $1 chips.
Be on the lookout for bets with a surrender option.
Keep to one table.
Any Seven should not be bet on.
Horn bets should be avoided.
Betting on the big six or eight is a bad idea.
Don’t bet on the field.
Place bets are a bad idea, except for on six and eight.
Odds bets lower the house edge.
Wager on bets with a low house edge of 1.4%.
Don’t pass bets, place bets.

Video Poker
Aces are not the most important card in the game.
Hot or cold machines don’t exist. They are all the same.
Don’t blow everything in one round..
Playing for a progressive jackpot will not help you out.
You are better off playing full-pay 9/6 machines.
Don’t touch machines that fall under 94.9% return.
Collect your credits before leaving a machine.
Always play the maximum number of coins.

Don’t play two slots next to each other. It won’t increase your odds.
Be informed of the payouts before playing on a machine.
Keep to progressive machines with numbers higher than past payouts.
The machine nearest the door is the best to play on.
Don’t play on little machines that are in gas stations and places like that.
Play through your money once only.
Play the maximum amount of coins always.
Machines with more than one payout line should be avoided.
Luck is the only thing to do with anything. The RNG proves that.
The loosest slots are placed in high traffic areas.
The more paying symbols on a machine, the more of a loser it is.

Splitting three against a dealer’s five is a good idea.
Split deuces against a dearler’s four
If you have a twelve, hit it against a dealer’s two or three.
Hit a hard hand until seventeen.
Hit a soft eighteen against a ten.
Double down on ten and eleven except against ace.
Never take insurance.
Never split four, five, or tens.

Blackjack cont:
If you have aces, don’t split.
Stand on twelve and higher only if dealer has a six.

Sports Betting
Baseball is the best sport to bet on..
Bets should always be better than teasers and parlays.
There is a difference between the money line and the spread.
Search for trends, but don’t count on them.
Search for the best price.
No bet is a “sure thing” always be informed on the odds.
Lean towards the underdog in college basketball games.
Do your research on the pitcher before betting on a baseball game.
More NFL games are decided by 3 points than any other number.

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