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A casino in Alabama: A guide to the best places to gamble

A casino in Alabama: A guide to the best places to gamble

New Scientist, 6 August 2018 A casino owner in Alabaster has created a unique gambling experience, which he hopes will help lure new players to the area.

In the video below, Steve McQueen, owner of the Casino at Alabasters, describes how he started the business and describes the unique game of poker.

“I had no idea it was going to be this big of a thing,” he says.

“We didn’t know anyone in the area who played poker.

People didn’t really know that we had a casino.”

We’ve just gone out and bought a few properties, and I’ve been very pleased with the results.

“People are really drawn to it.

I’ve had a few people come up to me, tell me how much they like it, and that’s just what we’ve been able to do with it.”

The casino has a small entrance fee of $100 and a small number of slot machines.

Players can play by placing cards in the machine and placing them face up in a certain position.

“When you place the card, you’re betting the value of the slot.

And if you win, you get your money back,” he explains.

“And you don’t lose anything.”

Casino games include slot machines and roulette.

“It’s a little bit like poker,” he adds.

“But we’re doing a little more.

I’m a little nervous, but it’s good to have a game where you can play in a safe environment.”

McQueen’s first foray into the casino business came when he was in a bar in the city of Bixby, in Queensland, when he saw a group of young men playing a card game with a group in a pub.

He thought it would be great to start his own business.

“They had no clue what it was, and they just wanted to play,” he said.

“They were just getting into it, it was a game that didn’t seem too serious.”

McKnight has been working in gambling since 1997, when a friend introduced him to the industry.

“He was a bit of a poker junkie, and had a couple of games going at the time,” he recalled.

“After a couple weeks, he said, ‘I’ll give it a go’.”

After playing with the young players for a couple years, McKnight started playing with a friend of his, who also had a passion for gambling.

He would play with them in his hotel room and after a few games would come up with a new idea.

“The problem with playing with other people is that you don


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