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Which Bible-believing Christian should attend college?

Which Bible-believing Christian should attend college?

This question is posed to the reader by a student in the University of Kentucky campus library.

The student is not interested in becoming a member of a religious denomination.

He simply wants to study the Bible.

“I’d like to be an Orthodox Christian, or maybe even a Pentecostal, or a Jehovah’s Witness,” he said.

His answer: “The Bible.

I like to read it, but I’m not really interested in religion,” he says.

He’s a “Christian who wants to learn the Bible” because he doesn’t want to leave his religion.

However, a student at a nearby college wants to become a Christian.

Her answer: “I don’t know.

I’m a secular person.”

Her statement is a bit more nuanced.

She says that she’s not really a Christian because she doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, but rather “the Bible and Jesus” as a guide for living a Christian life.

This student is a secular Christian because he’s not interested.

But even though this student doesn’t subscribe to any particular denomination, he does believe in the Bible as a “guide” to living a life of faith.

I’m just not interested,” he answers.

Another student says he’s “not interested” in becoming part of any denomination because he wants to “learn the Bible and study the scriptures.”

But this student is also a secular humanist because he believes the Bible is the “ultimate guide” to understanding human nature.

It’s this secular humanism that the student’s atheist friend believes will lead him to become an atheist.

These two students are not interested, because they’re both interested in learning the Bible, but they also don’t want their atheist friends to be religious.

Their question to the student: “Is it right for me to study or not study the bible?”

His response: The Bible is for everyone, so I can’t say what is right for you.”

His statement is quite clear.

You’re not interested; the Bible isn’t for you.

And yet another student says, “I’m not interested because I don’t think I can learn the bible in the same way that you can.”

This is a problem, says the atheist. 

“I’m a skeptic.

I don,t think that the Bible has any magical powers,” he explains.

Yet another student agrees, saying that he doesn,t believe the Bible to be true.

One student, however, says that his belief in the Christian message is not a matter of “belief in God.”

It is a matter, he explains, of “love for God and love for people.”

A student from another college wants a job as a Christian minister, because “it would be nice to be in a church where I can help people.”

But this young student says that he “hasn’t gotten any offers.”

“It doesn’t seem to me like I could do that,” he tells the atheist student.

A university student from Georgia is “disappointed” that his Christian friends aren’t interested in attending a Christian college.

So, why aren’t Christian students interested in studying the Bible?

“Well, I think that if you go to college and study it, you’re not going to like it, and you’re going to find out that you don’t like it,” he responds.

Even though Christian students are interested in “the Christian message,” the atheist argues that “people just don’t have the interest in learning it.”

The atheist student is in agreement with this, and he says that “students just don,nt like it.”

In his response, he says, “Why aren’t Christians interested in study?”

And this student agrees.

At the university, the atheist and his friend share the same opinion: Atheists and secularists are not concerned with the “value” of studying the bible.

Why, the student asks, would a student like to study?

This question is put to the atheist by a Christian student at another college. 

This student wants to be a Christian but doesn’t understand why he should.

In his answer, he is unsure of why the atheist would want to study.

There are, however to be found “good reasons” why he wants a Christian education.

As he writes in his response to the question, If I’m going to be educated in the bible, why should I want to be taught the values and the ethics of Christianity?

The answer, according to the Atheist Student, is because “I want to know the values of the Bible.”

As the atheist explains, This, then, is the reason why the Bible should be taught, not to teach the values or ethics of the Christian faith, but to understand the Christian values and ethics.

If you want to understand why Christians don’t believe the Christian


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