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Nashville Predators GM: The franchise is ‘in a great place’

Nashville Predators GM: The franchise is ‘in a great place’

The Nashville Predators are in a “great place,” the team’s general manager, David Poile, told NHL.com on Monday.

“The team has done well in terms of the expansion draft, the expansion process.

It’s a great thing to be a part of.

I know the fans love the team.

I think it’s been really successful.

The only thing I can really say is that we’re in a great spot, I think that’s what I would say.””

We have a great relationship with all the owners, we have a good relationship with the fans,” Poile added.

“We just have to keep building, keep playing hockey.

It is what it is, it’s hockey, it can’t be changed.

That’s what’s great about the Predators.”

Poythress and other NHL owners are pushing the league to take the Predators from the NHL and bring them back as an American League team.

They have been trying for more than a year to get the Predators into the NHL, but the NHL owners have been hesitant to go through the full expansion process and then move the franchise to a new city, especially if the NHL were to allow teams to relocate from a city with a different history of sports.

The Predators are a very different franchise than the Nashville Sounds, which went from being a regional hockey franchise to an expansion franchise in 2001, then to a full-time franchise in 2007.

That move helped the team win a Stanley Cup championship in 2009.

Poyrdress said Monday that he was “very proud” of the team, especially after the team finished the 2016-17 season 8-10-1.

Nashville was a contender in the East Division with a 10-5-1 record and had a winning percentage of .914 (third-best in the league).

The Predators also have a number of players who are from Nashville, including defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen, who played at Nashville-St. Cloud State University from 2013-16.

Poile said the team was a fan favorite, but it was hard to predict who would win the Stanley Cup that year.

The Preds also had a number, including goalie Viktor Arvidsson, who has played for the team since 2014.

Arvidsson also has an American Hockey League affiliation.

The Predators were the only team in the League not to make the playoffs this season.

Pokethress said the Preds have had a strong season, but said they will try to win a playoff series this season in the Western Conference with a strong defense corps.

“I think it would be great if we had a couple of great games, but we have to have some good goaltending and we have some solid defense, too,” Poiles said.

“But, you know, the way we play, I’m just so proud of what we’re doing.”

Pokestress said that he has “been impressed” by the players on the team this season, especially the young ones.

“There’s been some young players, I’ve been impressed with a lot of them,” Poise said.


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