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How do you score a $20 million win?

How do you score a $20 million win?

Posted November 05, 2018 07:27:00 The stakes are high when it comes to casino slots, but the big winner in Queensland’s biggest casino race is a man who made more than $20m last year by betting against the house odds.

The man is James Smith, a former employee at a popular slot machine operator.

James Smith has made a fortune betting against house odds and casino slots after earning a degree in economics.

Photo: James Smith/Facebook It was the summer of 2015, and James was trying to sell his slot machine company for $10m.

He was offered $1.2m but said he couldn’t afford to lose money on it, so he made a bet on the house.

James had a small gambling debt of about $20,000 and, after he won, he pocketed $1,000 from the sale.

“The house is worth a lot more than what I made that week,” he said.

“It was like I won a lottery, and I got a whole lot of money out of it.”

James spent the next few months playing the odds on other slot machines, and was able to make a profit.

He also had a girlfriend at the time and was desperate for a job.

He had no idea what he was doing, but he was determined to be a successful gambler.

He eventually got his dream job at River Casino, which is located in the remote southern town of Goulburn.

James’s main job was working as a casino operator and he spent his days playing cards at the River Casino tables, and on other gaming machines at the casino.

“I was so good at the poker table, but I was also good at slot machines and the card tables,” he told ABC Radio Queensland.

It was just that when I played the cards at River, I would get better results.” “

At the end of the day I was pretty good at it.

It was just that when I played the cards at River, I would get better results.”

He was still gambling when he made the decision to quit his job and buy a house.

He said he was looking for a place to start gambling.

“One day I said to my girlfriend, ‘I’m really interested in buying a house’,” he said, “and I said, ‘You know, I can do the paperwork.'”

He said his girlfriend took him to a property agent who said, with a bit of persuasion, he could buy a $400,000 house for $1 million.

James said he didn’t know how to pay the mortgage, so his girlfriend arranged a loan from his bank.

The loan was paid off within weeks, and he had enough cash to buy the house for the price he was asking.

James was so excited to finally be able to buy a home that he had an extravagant birthday party for himself.

The party was so huge that he could not fit into his usual clothes, and his girlfriend had to buy new ones for him.

“My girlfriend had just bought a huge bag of clothes for me,” he remembered.

“She was just incredible.

She just had me in a new outfit.

She had a wig on, I had a black wig on and a black make-up on, and we had a DJ playing music.”

James was devastated when he realised the house was in such bad shape he could hardly pay for it.

He didn’t even have money to buy his own car.

He spent $40,000 on a new car, and after months of struggling, he was able, through his girlfriend, to get a loan to buy it.

James told ABC Queensland he spent almost $300,000 building the house, including the new car and other things, and spent another $100,000 to pay for his girlfriend’s funeral expenses.

James sold his company to buy River Casino.

“That’s what really turned me around, it’s the first time I’ve really felt like I could live off my gambling,” he says.

“River is the only place I feel like I can get money out on my own, I feel that it’s my own thing and it’s not like everybody else is going to be happy with me.”

I know that’s a big step up from my old life, and to actually be able give back and get back to something that I really like.

He’s the backbone of River and it really has helped to make this place a success,” she said.


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