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How much did the Big Five rake in this year?

How much did the Big Five rake in this year?

We have a lot of data on how much players and dealers spend on games.

But there are no statistics on how well those players and retailers spend their money.

A new report from BMO Capital Markets shows how much casinos and retailers spent in 2016.

BMO estimates that the Big 5 spent $1.6 billion on slot machines, $1 billion on table games, and $1 million on gaming devices.

That means the Big Six spent $4.6 million on slot machine sales and $2.7 million on table game sales.

Those figures are higher than the $3.3 million spent by the Big Eight and the $2 million spent on gaming accessories.

In addition, the Big Four, which includes the Big 8, spent more than $1,000 per player on gaming equipment.

BMA says that makes up about 2 per cent of the total gaming revenue.

But the Big 6 also spent money on gaming gear, including a $1-million gaming console.

That’s about a quarter of what the Big Three spent.

This is the third time BMA has compiled a detailed look at the gambling industry.

In 2016, the company reported that casinos and retail outlets sold about $11 billion worth of slot machines and gaming devices, while online casino operators made about $7.2 billion in total revenue.

It also reported that gaming devices sold $1 trillion worth of games in 2016, an increase of 7.4 per cent compared with 2015.

The numbers aren’t necessarily news.

Gaming equipment companies like BAMTech and E-Gaming are making money off of the gaming market, which is expected to grow to $8.4 trillion by 2021, according to the BMO report.

BAM says that’s a big deal because most online casinos rely on online gaming to attract users.

But it also makes the industry vulnerable to a “casino apocalypse,” when online gaming becomes so lucrative that people simply don’t have time to play.

BMB said that, as of now, gaming revenues are about $10 billion below the peak of 2016, but that it expects to grow again this year.

“We believe that the industry is on a fast-track to reach its full potential,” said Rob Kynaston, head of international research at BMB.

BPM Group, which owns BAM and other slot and table games companies, said it expects gaming revenue to be up 4 per cent this year, but expects it to fall slightly in 2017.

“Casino operators are increasingly turning to technology to help them capture an increasingly sophisticated customer base,” said Paul Jost, CEO of BPM.

“Technology is driving demand in a way that was never possible before.”


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