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What to know about casino in West Virginia

What to know about casino in West Virginia

The West Virginia Lottery and Gaming Commission on Monday said it plans to close a $1.6 billion casino in a state that’s expected to lose more than $4 billion in casino revenue this year, including the $1 billion casino being built in New Jersey.

The commission said it has not yet made a decision on the West Virginia Gaming Authority’s proposed $1,900-per-night, $50-per hour casino at West Virginia’s New Hope Township.

The gambling authority, which operates a casino in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, is seeking a $2.6-billion loan to build a $7.6 million casino in the state, which it estimates will draw about 20,000 people.

The casino is set to open in 2020.

The West Virginia lottery and gaming commission said in a statement that it is seeking federal approval to close the New Hope casino, and it has until March 1 to make that application.

The state lottery’s application was filed late Tuesday.

The state lottery said in its application that the casino would create thousands of jobs and increase state revenues by $1 million per year.

The application also said the casino could attract $300 million in hotel and restaurant taxes and would create 1,200 new jobs.

West Virginia is one of only four states in the nation that has no casino, according to the Center for American Progress.

The others are New Jersey, Virginia, and North Dakota.

The gambling authority said it will not reopen a casino if a state lottery does not issue a waiver, but it has a timeline for completing the process.

The lottery has been seeking a federal waiver for the casino, but has not received one, said lottery spokesman David Schuster.

The West Virgina Gaming Authority said the application has been approved by the state.

The governor of the state of New Jersey has said he plans to open the first casino in his state in 2019.


Chris Christie said in December that he will seek a federal gambling waiver, and a state Department of Gaming is reviewing the applications.

The New Jersey Gaming Commission said it received an application for the $2 billion New Hope Casino from the West Virgo Gaming Authority, which also requested federal permission.

The board also said in the statement that the commission is reviewing applications for a casino on the site of a former World War II-era naval base.

West Virgias lottery and gambling commission said that it has received an extension from the U.S. Justice Department for a six-month review to ensure that there is a sufficient safety plan in place to mitigate potential adverse impacts on the public.


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