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What you need to know about the Sandia National Laboratories (SNNL) facility in Marysville, Montana

What you need to know about the Sandia National Laboratories (SNNL) facility in Marysville, Montana

The sandia facility in western Montana has been designated by the US Department of Energy as a “top priority for remediation.”

The facility was built to provide an energy-saving and energy-efficient manufacturing process.

The Sandia facility is located on the National Forest Service’s “Bureau of Land Management” site, about 35 miles west of Marysburg, Montana.

The National Forest Supervisor’s Office also oversees the land.

The building is on the land of the former Marysport Coal Mine.

It was opened to the public in 1974 and is the world’s largest coal-fired power plant.

The coal-burning facility has a capacity of 5,700 megawatts and is one of the largest coal refineries in the world.

The facility also serves as a regional power generator.

The site is surrounded by several other large buildings and includes two mining operations.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the Sandias main building has a total area of approximately 8,500 acres and employs approximately 7,300 workers.

The state of Montana is home to the Sandiego River, which flows through the area and feeds into the river.

The river has a depth of more than 5,500 feet and an average flow rate of 2,000 gallons per second.

The water in the river is also the most nutrient-rich in the country.

The area surrounding the Sandiago River has a pH level of about 6.7 and a dissolved oxygen level of approximately 2.6.

The sandiego basin, known as the Sandier Reservoir, is the largest water reservoir in the state of Wyoming and the third largest in the United States.

The reservoir is about 12 miles upstream from the state’s capital, Billings.

The federal government owns about 4.7 million acres in the Sandies region.

The State of Montana’s Bureau of Indian Affairs manages the land, which is managed by the State of Wyoming.

The Bureau of Land Resources manages the lands surrounding the facility.

The agency is tasked with managing federal lands that are designated for conservation and development, including areas in the Montana Panhandle, Wyoming, and the western edge of the Sandiac basin, which extends into the Rocky Mountains.

In a statement released by the federal government, the agency said that the Sandison site is “one of the highest-priority sites for remedial remediation work in the Western U.S.”

The statement said that a $1.2 billion federal grant was awarded for remediated areas in May and that $1 million in federal funding is now available to cover the cost of the project.

The government has not yet made a decision on whether the Sandihan site will be remediated, and it is not known if it will be ready for construction.

The project is the second major cleanup project under way for the Sandialite mine.

In November 2017, the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Reclamation released a report detailing a proposed $500 million cleanup of the site.

The report included recommendations for improving the site’s safety, energy efficiency, water quality, and soil quality.

The environmental group Friends of the Earth said in a statement that the federal agencies’ announcement “takes the project back a step, but it doesn’t address the critical problem of contaminated groundwater in the area.”

It said that “it’s still too early to assess the benefits of the cleanup project,” and said that it would work with the government “to ensure a safe and clean future for the public lands.”

Friends of America said in its statement that it “will continue to fight to hold accountable anyone who refuses to clean up their own pollution.”

The Sandiagans cleanup plan comes after the Bureau Of Reclamation, which owns the land and the mine, announced that it was moving forward with a project to clean the site of contaminants.

The company said in February that the project was “an important step toward a cleaner environment for future generations.”

The EPA has also been looking into how the Sandian site may be contaminated with radium, a radioactive isotope.

The USGS previously determined that the sandia site has a relatively high radiological background in its soil, groundwater, and rocks.

It also noted that the radium in the site is stable and that it is unlikely that the radioactive isotopes could cause health problems in the community.

The EPA said in September that it planned to launch a new study of the sandiagas site to look at possible radiological contamination, but the Sandiakas cleanup plan is different.

The plan would involve a series of steps to address the issue.

First, it would take the lead role in the cleanup process.

It would work directly with the Sandians site owner, who is working on a plan for the project, to develop a plan that would include steps to mitigate possible radionuclides and other contaminants.


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