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When Las Vegas opens its doors to gambling, we’ll know how to handle the flood

When Las Vegas opens its doors to gambling, we’ll know how to handle the flood

The first wave of the Las Vegas gambling boom has been hitting the city for months, but it’s only just beginning.

The city announced Tuesday it will open the doors to slot machines and roulette machines starting Thursday, with new machines opening on the Strip and in the surrounding area beginning next month.

The city is working with Las Vegas International Raceway and other venues to make sure the new machines are safe and operate in a safe manner, city spokeswoman Kristin Miller said.

The first machines will be placed in the casinos in Las Vegas Boulevard and the Strip.

It’s a first for the city, which has only had open-to-public gambling since December of last year.

The machines will also be able to accept chips and cash, allowing gamblers to play at higher stakes.

Miller said the new casino would be the largest of its kind in the United States.

The state of Nevada is planning to open its first casino next month, with another in Nevada City slated to open in 2021.

Miller told reporters that the casino will have about 1,000 slot machines, a number that has not been disclosed.

She did not say how much money is projected to be saved by not having to rely on a bank account or a credit card to gamble.

Miller also said that the casinos are working with the city to make their equipment and rules consistent.

The opening of casinos will bring more gambling to the Strip, where the city’s casino will also operate.

Miller said the city plans to have the casino open by the end of the year, but she did not provide any specifics.

The Las Vegas Strip will be one of the most heavily taxed parts of the state when it opens, according to the Las Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The Strip will receive about $10 billion in tax revenue from casino revenues.

The casino tax, which will be announced on Tuesday, will be a new $1.3 billion tax on all gaming operations.

The tax applies to gaming establishments, including casinos, hotels, theme parks and other establishments, casino representatives said in a statement.

The casinos are also the site of a major traffic jam.

The traffic on Interstate 15 in Las Positas is now so heavy that drivers have to wait in long lines to get through.


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