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Casino operators call for shutdown of Cool Cat Resort and Casino

Casino operators call for shutdown of Cool Cat Resort and Casino

The owners of Cool Cats casino and resort in Las Vegas, which were among the targets of a federal government shutdown in November, have been fighting for more than a year to reopen.

But a federal judge last month denied their request to reopen their business, citing the “national emergency” of the Zika virus.

The case, however, is not a matter of local law.

“The case is about national emergency,” said Chris Wiebe, an attorney for the Cool Cat operators.

“We’re trying to reopen as soon as possible,” Wiebbe told NBC News.

“That’s why we filed a lawsuit and are challenging the ruling of the court.”

The Cool Cat resort and casino in Las, Nev., has been shut down for more.

The resort and its neighboring properties in the state of Nevada were closed during the shutdown, as was Cool Cat Beach Resort.

The federal government has imposed a partial $7.5 million fine on the resort and Beach Resort, which have been operating as part of a casino in the same complex.

“These are a community-owned businesses, and they’re part of the community,” said John M. DeLuca, a lawyer for the resort operators, in an interview.

“They’re in a unique situation.

They have been subject to this shutdown, and the state has closed off the resort.”

He added that the resort is still operational.

But the case has been delayed for months because of the virus.

Wiebes legal team says the state is attempting to shut down the resort without making necessary changes to its operating rules or operating procedures, such as requiring guests to pay a higher price.

The operators argue that the closure is unnecessary, as the virus has not caused any major problems at the resort.

They also say the federal government violated their federal constitutional rights by imposing a partial fine.

“What we’re trying for is a fair and equitable settlement of the issue,” said DeLucas, who has been representing the owners.

“And if the federal Government will not give us fair treatment, we’re going to be fighting the shutdown until the end of the year.”

The ruling from U.S. District Judge Barbara L. Jones is expected to be appealed.

“I think it’s outrageous that a federal court would try to make a blanket ruling that is going to affect thousands of businesses in the country, but not the people of Nevada,” Wierbe said.

“Our local government is going through the same type of crisis and it’s the same exact situation.

So, the fact that a judge is going after our community is absolutely outrageous.”

Cool Cat Casino’s closure is part of what Wiebel has called a national emergency.

The state of Florida declared a national state of emergency on Thursday.

A similar case, filed in October by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, is also in the appeals process.

Wierbes legal battle began after the federal shutdown was announced, after the Trump administration proposed a $7 million fine to the operators.

The decision was criticized by business groups and other opponents of the government shutdown, including Wynn Resorts, which said the decision is “a big red flag.”

Wiebs legal team said the government has a “lack of legal authority” to impose the fine.

The ruling also does not resolve Wiebenys lawsuit against the government, which accuses the government of interfering in its business and violating the NVCA’s rights.

“This is about trying to save the resort from bankruptcy,” Wiedbe said, pointing out that the state’s lawsuit is about how the casino is a business.

“But the casinos are not businesses.

They’re casinos.”


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