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Palm Springs to close in 2019 after fire destroys $100 million casino

Palm Springs to close in 2019 after fire destroys $100 million casino

The Palm Spring Casino & Resort is to close after a fire that destroyed $100-million in the historic hotel complex on March 13, 2019.

The fire began about 10:30 p.m. on the Palm Street level.

The casino, which opened in 1982, was one of the first in the region to accept credit cards, and its owners plan to close its doors this month.

In an email to guests, a spokesperson said that “due to the severity of the fire, the Palms Resort will not be operating as it has been.”

The casino was the only casino in the Delaware Valley until the end of 2015, when the resort began accepting credit cards and its occupancy began increasing.

The Palms, located at 717 South State Street, is one of only a handful of casino resorts in the state that was originally built to cater to tourists, but since closing its doors in 2015, the resort has been attracting more business to its hotel and casino.

A spokesperson for the Delaware Lottery told CBC News that it was “aware of the Palmers closure” and is “working closely with the casino.”

The Palmers Casino is located on the banks of the Little Creek, just off of Interstate 95 in Wilmington, Delaware.

In its opening statement, the hotel and resort said that the fire has forced it to temporarily close some of its other properties.

“In light of the closure of the remaining three properties, we have temporarily closed the Palmes Resort,” the statement said.

It added that it will reopen the Palmetto Club and Palmetts Lounge “as soon as possible.”

The hotel’s website says the hotel is still open for reservations, but “it is closed to the public.”

Read more about the fire in our live blog.

In a press release, the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency said that there is still a “high probability” of fire and that it has “no reason to believe that the hotel has been destroyed.”

The fire was reported at the Palmel Springs Casino & Resorts in Wilmington on March 10, 2019, the same day as the fire at the Grand Palms casino, according to the fire department.

The blaze spread from a room on the 1,500-square-foot casino to the main floor of the casino, with damage to a fourth floor.

The hotel was completely destroyed, but the casino is still standing.

A spokesman for the casino said in an email that the resort’s occupancy “has increased over the past couple of weeks.”


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