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How to book your trip to Las Vegas 2018

How to book your trip to Las Vegas 2018

Aussie-based travel agent has opened a new online casino that allows customers to bet on poker, roulette and slot machines in the popular tourist destination.

Key points:The website allows users to gamble online using the casino’s ‘virtual chips’ to bet against each otherThe website offers customers a selection of casino slots and roulette machinesThe website says it has been used by more than 3 million people in the past three years and has generated more than $2.3 billion in revenueThe Australian Casino and Gaming Corporation (ACG) says the online casino allows people to gamble on the popular Las Vegas Strip.

The site has been designed to provide Australians with an opportunity to play a part in the casino business and has been attracting customers from around the world.

“We have been working with the ACG and our partners to create the most advanced online gambling platform on the planet and we have opened up a new site to let Australian residents gamble at the highest level,” casino owner and operator Mike O’Sullivan told News Corp.

The online casino features slot machines, roulettes and poker machines, allowing people to bet and place bets online.

Users can bet on individual machines or bet on a single machine in order to make a profit, depending on the amount of money they win.

The website has been able to draw thousands of customers, and in the same time period, the number of bets has risen from just over 1,500 to more than 12,000.

“A lot of our customers are looking to gamble in Las Vegas and have no idea where to start, so we are offering them a range of slots and machines in an easy-to-use interface,” Mr O’ Sullivan said.

“They can also bet on their own machines and check the outcomes of their bets against their own winnings.”

Online gambling is a popular option in the state and the Australian government has supported the industry with tax breaks and other incentives.

“For a lot of people, this is a great way to get around the high cost of living in Australia and to do this for free,” ACG spokesman Chris Young said.

“It’s also a great opportunity to get into the gambling business, which is a fantastic experience for those who have been in the game for years.”

Mr O’Sullys casino in Melbourne, in the Melbourne suburb of Melbourne, is one of several casinos in the country that accept online gambling.

The casino operates a network of poker machines at the main casino, a smaller casino on the ground floor, and a large casino in the underground casino.

Mr O’sullivan said he had set up the casino using the ACP’s ‘Virtual Chips’ system, which allows people who are not already registered members to gamble.

“People are using this to play online with friends, which means there is no need for the ACGs own online casino,” he said.

Mr Young said the online gambling market was a $2 billion dollar industry and the industry had grown from just a handful of casinos in Australia in the mid-2000s to more like 15,000 casinos now.

“This is the biggest gaming industry in the world and we believe that we have one of the highest margins in the industry,” Mr Young said, noting the online casinos were attracting millions of new users.

“It’s going to be a great revenue generator for us.”


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